Welcome to The BeefyStiffies <3

You like big beefy stiffies? Then you’re in the right place! We’re a group of highly oppressed gamers with a dream. That being to have the biggest beefiest stiffies and to play games. Are stiffies are beefy and are games are even bigger! 😉

Beefy Stiffie Gaming

What’s it like to game with us? it’s like dipping your balls into a nice jar of Soy Sauce on a spring morning. The flavor, the thrill and the excitement. You won’t regret it! Or be able to stop it… In all seriousness though, we’re really layed back and just like to have fun.

What Games Do We Play?

A little bit of everything! FPS, RTS, RPG, MMOs, Retro, and even big titty Hentai Games! Really the sky’s the limit here.

How do I Sign Up?!

Well, I’m not going to lie.. It’s not easy. We have a very high criteria that all our users have stiffies of a beefy variety. And yes, we do check!


You should check it out sometime. Our forum has lots of great gaming related content from modding, game discussions, support and how to guides.

Meet the Autists!

Mr. Stiffie and I have been wanting to get a gaming group setup for a while now. This year we finally decided to bite the bullet (hurt like hell! Bullets are hard…) and go all in with making the BeefyStiffies group. We’re hoping to grow this into something really cool and fun!


Mr. Beefy

Guy who knows how server and code work.

Mr. Stiffie

Guy who know how to game.